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About The Trip

About the trip

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The Jumpshot participant has a love of basketball as well as a drive to continue to refine and elevate his skill level in each element of the game. Participants value being part of a team, being a part of group activities and attending daily minyan and scheduled learning. Engaging in activities that develop character and middot as well as teamwork is an integral part of Jumpshot. Jumpshot campers should have a strong work ethic and come prepared to work hard and have a great time.

Jumpshot Leadership:

Jumpshot leadership includes professional coaches, camp directors and madrichim, all of whom align with Jumpshot’s vision. In addition, visiting athletes are an integral part of this program. Under the supervision of Jumpshot leadership, participants will engage in scrimmages, go on trips and experience Israel in an entirely different way through the lens of Torah and basketball. Jumpshot staff members will undergo peer reviews and meet regularly in order to maintain a high level of programming, collaboration and safety.

Jumpshot’s 3 Pillars:

  1. Exceptional Basketball Training

  2. Love of Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael

  3. Personal Growth Through Torah & Chessed

Although these three pillars might seem to differ, they interact seamlessly. Torah, chessed and athletics are all vehicles that build character and allow an individual to find his true self, determine how he expresses himself and interacts with others, and ultimately, guide how he contributes to the world and exists as a part of a greater whole.